Photo Contest 2021 - Small Critters & Farm Friends 

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OF 20
Tim Daniels
“Slug Crossing”
Inma Thompson
“Flower Bird”
Breon Hole
“Honey Bee Poppy Break”
Grace Lovell
“Go Baby Go”
Yesi Vides
“They Call Me Bunny Bojangles”
Victoria Brooks
“Pandemic Prayers”
Biomorphic Light
“Lizards in Garden”
Madelyn Fazio
“Hanging Out While Stuck Inside”
Carrie Tully
“All My Ducks in a Row”
Yesi Vides
“Baby Zuchinni and Baby Four”
Halla Kramer
“The Duchess Of Sussex”
Teresa Mondragon
“Foster Duck”
Dave Grant
Suzanne Huber
Ann Farley
“Passing Through”
Teresa Mondragon
“Mini Me”
Kaitlin Mottershead
“What’re You Looking At”
Thommie Haskins-Mountain
“Hello Chick!”
Phoebe and Betsy Rogers
“Chicken Hugs”
Phoebe and Betsy Rogers
“Keep Calm and Duckling On”
Tim Daniels
“Slug Crossing”

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