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There must be some pretty strong marijuana growing in that field where Barry Evans takes his notes. Earth to Barry: There are many more interesting things to look at in Humboldt County than the depths of your own navel.

I have to agree with GT Buckley's opinion about the Large Hadron Super-Collider ("Mailbox," Nov. 14). Scientists, especially physicists, have gotten amazingly good at hucksterism, especially when they want to spend billions of dollars on projects that benefit no one but scientists and technology geeks. Usually, they sell us these projects by promising that their experiments will answer the existential questions that have baffled humankind since the dawn of time, and baiting us with terms like "the Big Bang" and "God Particle."

Barry seems to have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. Despite its popularity, the outer limits of quantum physics is not the place to look for answers to existential questions. For that, I suggest Barry turn to the field of phenomenology. That might help him come to terms with the limits of science, and the incomprehensibility of life.

If there is any meaning or purpose to life, Barry, you'll find it in the natural world of your perceptions, not in the theoretical extremities of objective science. Look around Barry, tell us what you see.

John Hardin, Redway


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