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Arcata Mayor Paul Pitino has gone to bat for some of the most vulnerable people in our town. I have seen this first hand. When a friend, who is a homeless Humboldt State University student, and I requested a meeting with Paul to discuss the issue of student homelessness, Paul not only showed up, he was committed to finding solutions.

Whatever issue he takes on, Paul is thoughtful, intelligent, committed and actively engaged in finding solutions. This is the type of leader we need on the Arcata City Council.

Paul has successfully advocated for upgrades to Arcata's neighborhood parks, for better transportation and for the installation of a public restroom near the plaza. He is also working very diligently to create a premier dog park (off-leash area) in Arcata.

Vote for Paul Pitino for Arcata City Council on Nov. 8. Thank you.

Lisa Pelletier, Arcata

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