First, a hearty thank you to Barbra Groom for being willing to recount her knowledge of the events surrounding Andrew Pease's death ("Witness Recounts Stabbing," Feb. 19). I believe that information helps a struggling community to understand and to decide upon a correct course of action, whatever that may be. Thank you, Ryan Burns, for covering the story in a manner of informing the public rather than cashing in on a "big story." The respect for Andrew's life, and for his family, are reflected in this article.

I wanted to add one simple bit of information -- it's available through the Times-Standard, but I am of the opinion that it ought to be included in any article surrounding Andrew. In a practical sense, his family has lost a necessary income. A fund has been set up at Washington Mutual for the Sons of Andrew Pease. If any community member wishes they could do something, donating some small amount of money to this fund is a real way to help. $20 may not be much, but it's a few gallons of juice or milk, some protein, spinach salad, etc.

I hope that the Journal will continue to cover this story throughout the court case.

— Diamond C. Moebus, Eureka

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