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Poor Choices, Slanted Coverage



When a journalist covers a public event he or she has to make choices. Given the fact that they have only so much space they must decide what the most salient points to cite would be. Grant Scott-Goforth ("And They're Off," March 13) started right out with what was, in my estimation, a poor and slanted choice when he said Kerrigan was "...backed by several notable Humboldt County lefties..." when he gave his speech announcing his candidacy for 4th District Supervisor.

Aside from the fact that I didn't think anyone used the word "lefty" anymore, it's not only passé but has outdated connotations that no longer apply, it was also an inaccurate description of Kerrigan's supporters. The people backing him were a diverse group and Scott-Goforth reduced them to a caricature and started his discussion of Kerrigan with a decided slant.

Kerrigan's speech was substantive and covered a diversity of issues, only a part of which referred to Bass.

Scott-Goforth's coverage of Bass was, if anything, slanted in her favor. He fails to mention that her only job experience was as an employee of her parents and then she married into her ticket to office. She's had plenty of time in office to do the things she is now promising to do but has done none of them. Actions speak louder and she has only words.

I heartily disagree with Judy Hodgson's belief that Bass and Sundberg "are probably unbeatable" ("I'm Still Worried," March 13). Her saying so creates a disturbing reality and I believe that the bulk of our current supervisors are worse than inadequate, they are a destructive force in this county.

I prefer to view this race with positivity, with the belief that the citizens of this area are fed up and want some positive change.

Sylvia De Rooy, Eureka

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