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Post-Capitalist Sincerity

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In response to Mr. Dillon's recent reaction (Mailbox, April 29) to Cooperation Humboldt's recent Post Capitalism Conference, I submit the following thoughts.

First, economics are for everybody. The word "economy" literally means "management of the household," and that's something we're all engaged with to one degree or another.

Economic systems are created by humans. And they can be changed by humans. There is no single default economic system, nor is there any economic system that can achieve perfection or utopia. There are, however, economic systems that can surely do a better job meeting fundamental needs and honoring every person's humanity than capitalism.

Capitalism prioritizes growth and profit maximization above all else — above wellness, above happiness, above relationships and above planetary health. The ideology of capitalism is, in fact, the same as the ideology of cancer — maximum consumption and maximum growth. Left unchecked — like cancer — capitalism will kill its host — in this case, that means the planet that we all depend on for survival. Anyone who's paying attention realizes at a visceral level that this is already underway.

Like it or not, capitalism will come to an end. It's already dying. We can fight it, we can make jokes or we can welcome the coming transition and help to birth something better — a system based on compassion and equity that meets each person's needs and helps us thrive in right relationship with the rest of the natural world.

Cooperation Humboldt's Post Capitalism Conference — in fact, everything we do — is an invitation for those who choose to work for a peaceful transition beyond capitalism to come together to learn, to grow and to heal. If that is a vision that resonates for you, we invite you to check out some of the recordings of conference sessions at www.cooperationhumboldt.org/pcc-2021.

Tamara McFarland, Eureka


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