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Pot Lockout



Are you freaking kidding me? California Cannabis Voice Humboldt's idea to conveniently acknowledge that the 10,000 (CCVH's number) illegal marijuana farmers should reap the benefits of their flaunting of current laws (rather than jump in and change them first) by getting some first dibsey's of growing permits ("The Revolution Starts Here," Dec. 11), thus locking out those of us who choose to fight the fight without breaking the laws and not be current growers.

It's paramount to giving Al Capone the first distillery license when prohibition ended is ludicrous if not hilarious. On top of it there are the Native Americans (you know those indigenous people who probably grew more psychedelics then we know of) who just got the blessing from the U.S. Justice that Native Americans are free to grow whatever marijuana they please (nice if it conforms to the state law their reservations are in). In fact, the local reservations are free to grow medicinal marijuana (gold mine for dispensaries). So when the illegal marijuana becomes legal look out everyone and anyone. If you think they're doing OK with the casinos wait til you see what they can do with legal pot and the money the casinos bring in. Please people fight for what you can but, this fight the Indians will win. A nod is a good as a wink.

Marcus F. Yelton, Eureka

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