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Pot Tax Privacy


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Thanks for your in-depth coverage of Arcata's Measure I, "The Grow Tax," on Oct. 4.

One issue that is still a concern to many citizens is confidentiality of individual customer energy usage information. PG&E's policy is currently and will remain only to release energy usage for an individual residence if PG&E is presented with a search warrant for that residence issued by a judge. If the citizens of Arcata approve Measure I, PG&E's policy will not change. The city of Arcata would receive no information from PG&E on energy usage of each individual residence. The city of Arcata would simply get one check from PG&E each month for the total amount of the additional energy tax collected in Arcata.

The bottom line is that individual customer energy usage information is now confidential and will remain confidential if the citizens of Arcata approve Measure I.

Mayor Michael Winkler, Arcata


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