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The county and state are worried about marijuana farmers using rodenticides indiscriminately and affecting wildlife ("Blog Jammin'," Sept. 5). I'm not a pot farmer, but I am a victim of government's continuing policies to maintain the marijuana monopoly's artificially high prices. It is typical lawyer-politician noise to presume illegal growers will allow a pre-site inspection and look at where these things are going to be used. How is government going to prevent obtaining illegal rodenticides when it already is incapable of controlling illegal marijuana growing? The only result of attempting to restrict rodenticides will be to raise the cost of growing, allow growers to get higher prices for their pot, increase the number of Mexicans killed by cartels, give police and sheriffs higher benefits, clutter our "correctional institutions" with more growers, give lawyers more employment circumventing complex laws, and raise tax bills even higher. The anti-rodenticide law will be just one more hidden government failure.

Rats and mice multiply and are all around. I keep them out as best I can. In the Mojave Desert years ago I knew an old guy who would shoot at the rats scampering in his rafters. Fortunately for me, government is not further restricting warfarin. Moles burrow tunnels under foundations. Plumbers cut plates and sills to put in vents providing convenient attic access. Electricians drill many unused half-inch holes, and mice wiggle through. Building codes want two-inch spaces between walls and the chimney.

Pot will soon be legalized in California and the rodenticide problem will disappear.

Charles Wilson, Orick


If you learned anything from Prohibition it is that it creates more problems than it solves ("Green-eyed Cops," Oct. 3). But you knew that. So, sign the up-and-coming petition to legalize the weed.

It's the greed-eyed ones that created almost all the problems mentioned in said article.

And as a side benefit we'll see less monster pick-up trucks speeding down Route 36.

George Kirkpatrick, Fieldbrook


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