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Thanks for all the great info! I'm often thrilled with the breadth of topics covered. I don't usually complain but I was especially upset to read that Humboldt has decided to allocate funds to repair the horse racing grandstand with moneys set aside for general maintenance in Humboldt ("Supes Pony Up $1 Million in Effort to Save Horse Racing at the Fair," July 6). There are two (!) landslides on the Briceland/Thorn Road in So Hum that are incredibly dangerous to maneuver. There are just little stop signs around blind corners that prevent us all from driving off a cliff! I beg our supervisors to drive this road and see for themselves what they are putting locals and many, many tourists in large RVs through. There are schools in Southern Humboldt county filled with asbestos that should be torn down but are still being used, threatening the lives of all children and staff who use those buildings. They have to wax the toxic chemicals into the floor each year so that the scrapping of chairs doesn't release toxic dust into the air in the classrooms!

Most importantly to me, this was a chance to admit that horse racing (let's not even get started with this rodeo crap everyone thinks is OK to do to animals) is abuse. Horses are intelligent creatures deserving of respect and they should not be forced to risk their lives for the benefit of people to gawk at them and bet money on. It's horrifying to see how little morals Humboldt really has when it comes to changing traditions. This was a chance to say, "You know what? Horse racing is pretty cruel and since the earthquake (mother nature) is trying to tell us not to do it, maybe we should listen." But no, let's waste tax payer money on fixing the grandstand at the fairgrounds instead of making the roads or schools we use all the time safer.

I beg you No Hum folks to come drive our roads. See why we are upset and feel like we are ignored. It's literally tragic, the state of our roads and the schools. As for me, I send my kid up north for school.

Pamela Corvid, Whitethorn

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