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Quality Time and a High Horse



Regarding the growth and change, etc. for the Journal, ("Growth, Change," Aug. 7) I would like to say this: I have not always been a champion of some of the stories, changes and changes yet again, however I feel very fortunate to have the Journal. It has made tremendous efforts to be a class rag.

KHUM is another class act, although sometimes I feel compelled to turn it off.

Ryan Sundberg did not want to air on KHUM way back when because he claimed there might (?!) be favoritism. Patrick Cleary was running for the same office and has interests in KHUM. Mr. Sundberg did not give the listeners a chance. Bad on him!!

I think he needs to come down from his high horse and become available to the citizens ... all of US. (Get it? US!)

And to Judy Hodgson: Happy slowing down or focusing elsewhere more. We only have so much quality time.

Kathy Travers, Eureka

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