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Re: Impeachment



Thank you to Thadeus Greenson and the North Coast Journal for an excellent interview with Congressperson Jared Huffman ("The Case for Impeachment," June 13). His answers clarified matters for me in regard to whether or not to pursue impeachment now. For many years I lived in Southern California and was pleased to have Adam Schiff as my congressperson. I have now been in Humboldt County for three and a half years and I am equally pleased and satisfied with Congressperson Huffman.

Mark Chaet, Arcata


Can the republic — any republic — survive a clinically delusional president? Combined with a see-no-evil Republican Senate; and a willfully purblind GOP base that supports Trump 89 percent?

There is not the remotest chance the 2020 GOP convention will ditch Trump for a second term. At present, House Democrats appear hamstrung by a White House engaged in mutinous and serial law breaking.

Will the voters turn out in enough numbers next year to ensure Trump's ouster? Will Trump accept the verdict if he loses?

The latter is not a rhetorical question. His assertion on national TV that he would happily accept political dirt from foreign sources is yet another impeachable offense, a breach of the presidential oath. (No bars to foreign influence peddling.) Translation: "I'll do anything to win," illegality be damned — tantamount to, "I won't leave, period." He knows he'll go to prison if does.

What if Trump, like Putin, resorts to a cyber or artificial intelligence attack of his own making if he is losing next year, possibly throwing the voting machines into disarray in key states and tying up ballot counts indefinitely in the courts? Even if the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against him, would he and Attorney General Barr defy it, too? Why not, if you're scorning House subpoenas across the board? Trump's obstruction of justice goes on to this very moment, barefaced and militant. He'll stop at nothing, including attacking this nation.

The more imperative it is to remove him, the more desperate he becomes and the more dangerous to the rule of law.

Trump has set in train a sequence of national crises likely to culminate in tragedy. A la Henry II and Thomas à Beckett, "Who will rid us of this man?" Who can?

Congressman Huffman may be mistaken about how much time is left before it's too late.

Paul Mann, McKinleyville

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