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A fine letter in the Nov. 19 issue told of one person’s concern with the Politically Correct dogma being taught, with little room for disagreement, at the local university. The writer referred to a professor’s admission that his aim was to “deconstruct” Western Civilization.

I enjoyed the thought behind the writer’s letter, and felt it was an opening to a greater discussion of this new “one way” gripping the liberal class. I take issue however, with the caption you assigned to the letter “Deconstruction Misunderstood,” with its clear implication that the writer had not really discovered something worthy of discussion — did not “understand” the wonders being brought forth by the PC elite at HSU.

Perhaps I simply misunderstood the gist of your description of the letter, but in case I did not I challenge you to educate us, in greater detail, to the wonders of the demonization of our culture, and the rose-colored glasses through which the Brave New World is viewed by the faithful. I look forward to a better understanding of deconstruction, and the opportunity for others to share their thoughts on this very important topic.

As I am not a real fan of the deconstruction, I will further take the opportunity to wish you and all a Merry Christmas, which for me, has always had an emotional depth and color unmatched by the PC “happy holidays,” which sounds strangely like “I will be happy if you do not refer to Christmas” — a much hollower, shallower greeting indeed.

Joshua Kinch, Freshwater


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