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Re: 'Unhinged'

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Many thanks to Jennifer Fumiko Cahill for "It Might Be Time to Get Totally Motherfucking Unhinged" (Jan. 6), a brilliant, if somewhat understated, take on the gun violence epidemic that's infected our schools.

God or somebody bless her.

Gordon Inkeles, Bayside


My very Republican father held that gratuitous profanity merely shows a speaker's lack of eloquence.

I disagree with Jennifer Fumiko-Cahill's idea that we on the left will be more effective if we use the same foul language as the worst trolls of the extreme right wing. Following her logic, we should also, I guess, threaten female Republican political figures with rape or execution, spread as much disinformation as we can online, and maybe even start shooting up groups that we disagree with.

Just because we don't indulge in profanity doesn't mean we aren't angry about the nation's politics — we are still marching, writing, speaking, calling and voting. People like representatves. Hakeem Jeffries, Katie Porter, AOC, Sen. Chris Murphy and 13-year-old Naiara Tamminga show us all how to speak passion without the vulgarity.

The majority of us, of all political stripes, are tired of the ugliness in today's political discourse. Although I don't mind hearing (or saying) an occasional expletive, I don't think I'm alone in closing my mind to a speaker who wallows in profanity. Messages of truth, justice and kindness can get lost when wrapped in crudeness.

Alan Sanborn, Arcata


Thank you!!!!! For saying what needs to be said exactly how it needs to be said ... and for reminding us that we need to do the same! Most honest and powerful article I've ever read in any paper anywhere!!

Liz Roth, McKinleyville


I agree with Jennifer Fumiko Cahill absolutely that it is past time for us, the American people, to "get totally motherfucking unhinged" in response to the lack of response to our gun problems. 

Absolutely no one needs to own a fucking automatic killing machine that destroys human tissue and children's faces such that DNA is needed to identify them in a school room. 

I am angry, disgusted, unbelievably sad and ashamed of Americans who think otherwise. Thank you, Jennifer, for saying and printing what this 70-year-old woman is feeling. 

Uma Bingham, Eureka


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