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red berries



red berries

red berries picked in the forest

red berries

for sweet tart

MeMe is going to bake for us

red berries

red berries

sticky sweet juice on our tongues

red berries we sing

as we frolic along like Red Riding Hood-

but not afraid of wolves

MeMe chanted for us

the song of the wolf brothers

howling beneath a bright moon sky

red berries

red berries we sing

hoping the wolves will come

"They are shy creatures,"

MeMe told

but we want to brush their rough fur soft

pick ticks from the scruff of the ruff of their necks

and rumple in tall golden meadow grasses

like puppies-

red berries

red berries

Sally gathers a nosegay

of wild primrose

sweet pea lupine autumn leaves

for MeMe

who sends us into the forest

to pick red berries

red berries

She's going to bake us a tart.

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