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Relax, Disc Golfers




Jeffrey Bird did a nice job of promoting the emerging sport of Disc Golf ("Disc Golf," Sept 8).  It is a sport for kids, families, loggers, hippies and pot growers, and the start-up costs/playing costs are among the lowest of most sporting activities. "Par Eternity" Past-President Jim McIntosh (Mailbox, Sept. 15) takes Jeffrey to task for not promoting one of the many disc golf clubs in the county and for referencing dogs and beer. First of all, disc golfers in general are pretty good about picking up after their dogs -- don't want our discs or feet to step in it.  Regarding beer, Par Infinity is sponsoring the "Brewer's Cup" Sunday, Oct. 9 at Mad River Pump Station #4 (aka Pump Station Fore!) at 8:30 a.m. (see www.parinfinity.org). One can attend Pump Station #4, Par Infinity's home course, any day and find plenty of beer and dogs. Also, "chunderheads" are people who throw poorly, into the brush, not "drunken sloppy disc golfers." 

There will be plenty of drunk disc golfers at the Pump Station #4 at this year's Brewer's Cup and I would not call most of them chunderheads. Really, Jim, "chunderhoads (sic) like him" (Jeffrey Bird)? No need to call names. Relax. Play a round with some golfers who aren't wound tighter than an eight-day wooden clock.

Rodney Cabrera Brunlinger, Eureka

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