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Remembering Amber



I am overwhelmed again with the deep life-changing, tragic loss of my daughter Amber Slaughter. My heart is running, my belly is tight and working on trying to hold back the flood of tears that hide behind my eyes. On January 23, 1994, Amber was murdered by three young men all under the age of 18, who drove her to the South Jetty and ended her life. My father would have accompanied members of the Loleta fire department who responded to a call from a man who nudged her body lying in the road. Thankfully he was taking care of his mother that night at her apartment and was not one of the valiant first responders. Amber's sisters, parents, uncle, grandparents and community members also dredge up this tragedy with varying levels of emotional distress when January 23 approaches. Unfortunately, we continue to live with murder and mayhem in our world. Please join me for an extra prayer for peace on this day in Amber's name.

Francine Schulman, Eureka

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