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Rethink Jail Releases



It really insults my intelligence to read that people are being released from jail late at night, far from home, because of the dictates of the law ("Dead of Night," Jan. 30).

The law that is chosen is the one meant to uphold and protect a citizen's civil and constitutional rights. Really?

I believe people are turned out like that as a form of cruelty. And we must not allow it.

The man accused of killing Pastor Eric Freed was arrested and transported 65 miles to Eureka. He attempted to kick out the windows of the patrol car along the way. He was clearly erratic during booking.

So what is going to happen when a crazed individual is put out in the street late at night, 65 miles from home? Who is going to suffer here? The ripple effect is now clear. We will all suffer.

We can see that now, can't we?

There is no doubt in my mind and heart that all antisocial, addicted, crazed behavior is coming from wounded souls. You can't punish people into good behavior. We can only hope to help through methods stemming from love and understanding.

Have you ever rescued an abused animal? With love and consistency that animal can begin to trust the person who cares for it. I have seen animals finally begin to have the lives they should have had from the beginning. Lives in which they are cared about by someone. Loved by someone. So that they too can have someone to love.

I say that all public policies should be open to review. About each one let the question be asked: Does it do more harm than good?

I ask you, what good does it do to release a person from jail late at night?

Maureen Kane, Arcata

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