Return to Black Bear 

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OF 11
Solstice celebration on the knoll: “We’ve been here 40 years and we keep coming back.” Photo by Malcolm Terence
Visiting students enjoy the rain while weeding in the garden. Photo by Malcolm Terence
A mother and daughter carry food past the sign-up table toward the Mainhouse. John Daggett, a wealthy gold miner who was once elected lieutenant governor, built the Mainhouse and planted many of the trees. Photo by Malcolm Terence
There have always been musicians at Black Bear since the start and the solstice was no different. Geba Greenberg, left, listens as a handful of musicians play under the shade trees just below the Mainhouse. Photo by Malcolm Terence
Jayson Reed, a member of the Karuk Tribe, rotates spits of spring Chinook salmon around a bed of coals. Of all the salmon, springers are the tastiest with the layer of rich, nutritious oils under their skin and cooked this way around a pit of hot coals ma
There were many kids at the solstice so people started an art project with them cutting linoleum blocks and making prints. The adults were as absorbed as the kids. Photo by Malcolm Terence
Early risers enjoy a cup of coffee in the summer kitchen. Photo by Malcolm Terence
Installing a solar water heater. Photo by Malcolm Terence
Watercolor painting of snowed-in cabin by Elsa Marley.
On the cover: Photo by Malcolm Terence

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