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Rising up



Outstanding piece in the Journal ("35 Days in the Forum," Feb. 26.) So thoroughly researched and enlightening. You did a beautiful job of explaining the depth of the issues and conveying the cultural context and expression of Unified Students' sit-in.

I was at the Bolman Forum for the last day of the Native American Activism Conference. Tía Oros-Peters talked about the importance of never giving up. Jacqueline Bolman told the story of her inspiration to serve the students. I got to witness the students honor Jacquelyn, rename the Forum and announce the sit-in. I was so impressed with the way it all came down. The Unified Students are doing an absolutely stunning job of building the support they need to be taken seriously. I suspect the real threat Jacquelyn posed was her success in teaching the students to be skilled activists.

Thank you for covering their story.

Dana Silvernale, Blue Lake

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