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Humboldt has classic summer road food well worth pulling over for. Nothin' fancy, just favorites from the grill and the fryer that will take you back. Don't forget napkins. Lots of napkins.

Chili dog aficionados around here are devoted to Bob's Footlongs (505 12th St., Fortuna). Feed your nostalgia with an order of piping hot hush puppies and a thick shake. Haven't had a corn dog since the state fair? These are freshly dipped to order. And those are hand-cut garlic fries under all that cheese. Bring cash.

What time is it? Follow the truckers to Toni's 24-Hour Restaurant (1901 Heindon Road, Arcata) and order up some blueberry pancakes, an old-fashioned flat-top grilled bacon cheeseburger, an enormous shake to dip your crispy fries in, or a slice of homemade pie. You know what, get the pie no matter what time it is.

Drive slowly or you'll miss the shack that is No Brand Burger Stand (1400 Main St., Ferndale). The beloved dive (in dive connoisseur Guy Fieri's hometown, no less) grills up old-school beef patties with relish, mustard, tomato and iceberg lettuce. Have a seat at one of the picnic tables and appreciate the simple things.

Styling by Lynn Leishman • Photo by Drew Hyland

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