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'Rush to Judge'



I feel compelled to respond the letter written by Michael H. Morris in last week's NCJ responding to my letter of the previous week (Mailbox, Feb. 18). Michael doesn't fully understand what I said, but first, let me agree with him that an immediate temporary fix to the CRV mess is a stay of the law while those idiots in Sacramento on both sides of the aisle get their acts together. I also agree with Michael on "smoke ads." Take their money, both tobacco and pot. I don't buy either of them. By way of disclosure, I used to smoke both but saw the error of my ways.

Michael in his letter equates recyclables with garbage and why China wouldn't want our garbage. However, recyclables are not garbage. Garbage has no value and goes to the landfill. Recyclables have value and are used as "raw materials" for making new beer cans and newsprint as oppose to mining and logging.

As for the FDA and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, I didn't propose the FDA rush to judgment but rush to judge. I write this letter on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021, more than the two weeks after the FDA said they'd get to it.

Bill Connors, Eureka

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