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Safe Enough Already




Re the $24 million-plus that Caltrans wants to spend on "improving" the safety corridor ("State Absconds with $15M," Blog Jammin, Nov. 10): The safety corridor was established (what, seven years ago?) to stop the string of fatalities which had occurred on that stretch of highway.

It worked. There has not been a fatality since that I am aware of.
Now Caltrans wants to fix a non-problem by installing a stoplight at Airport Road. Within a year, some drunken or distracted fool will run that stoplight and kill somebody.

Are the decision makers at Caltrans and members of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors who vote for this project willing to take personal responsibility for the family of this person? No? Then they shouldn't be doing it.

Steve Parr, Eureka

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