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Santa Slurs



Christmas is a stressful time of year, for sure. But when you think you've got it bad, take a minute and be thankful you're not the dude in charge. Believe you me, right about now, Santa's swamped.

So what does the Claus do at the end of the work day to take the edge off? Well, just like any working stiff, he loves to kick back a few at the local pub. But it’s not always easy. As you can imagine, being one of the most recognizable guys on the planet makes it hard to be discreet and throngs of fans can make it hard to relax. What's an elf to do?

You, citizen, can help Santa get some much deserved anonymity. Here’s how. Eureka, is just one more city St. Nick will be able to slip into unnoticed when it hosts its own version of SantaCon on Saturday, Dec. 11. What is SantaCon? For adult fans of the beloved sleigh-riding gift-giver around the world, it's the opportunity to dress up like a childhood hero, gallivant around... and get sloppy (but (cough) responsibly) drunk. Why? Because it’s fun... we’re told.

Locally, a group of jolly wannabes will convene at the C St. Market in Eureka's Old Town at 7 p.m. decked out in red, white-trimmed attire and commence a-pubcrawlin'. For those worried a sea of red making it’s way down 3rd St. will freak out the normal bar patrons, fear not. Most Shanty frequenters have probably seen double at one time or another. This won’t seem too odd.

Obviously, this is a 21 and over event. For more info and/or to connect with the jolly merrymakers who are runnin’ this show, search for “Humboldt SantaCon” on Facebook or check out Help Santa out. Ho, ho... (pass out).

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