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Schutt It



In John Schutt's Guest Views ("My Hope," Jan. 26, 2017), he leads his column with, "...what stood out to me was the level of flat-out lies thrown back and forth and how the media failed miserably at fact checking." The media can start anew this week by fact checking your column, which is full of flat-out lies.

Jeffrey Schwartz, Arcata


There have been several recent letters from Trumpsters in the local media, such as John Schutt's piece in the Jan. 27 Journal, all pleading with the rest of us to, in Schutt's words, "join together and support our new president." Just go along, they say, as the new regime repeatedly attacks the veracity of the press and attempts to build a pseudo-reality based on "alternative facts" (which are simply lies, out-and-out lies). These techniques are all part of a strategy to keep the rest of us quiet and confused while Trump destroys our country.

We cannot allow this to happen! I have one printable response to this fascist, racist, sexist, Nazi regime: Stand and resist! I have to be able to face myself every day in the mirror. My reflection will not allow me simply to stand by while this regime runs rampant; thus, I have pledged to myself that I will engage in at least one act of resistance every day. If I miss one day, I will take two actions the next.

Perhaps it will be writing an editorial letter, or marching with thousands of the rest of you as in the Women's March in Eureka on Jan. 21, or simply signing an online petition opposing the immigration ban, but I will do something in defense of this country, of this planet, and of all the beings who live on it. I urge all of you to take similar steps. Take action everyday! Stand and resist!

Patrick Riggs, Stafford


Schutt, Jr.'s "My Hope" column, which used O'Neill's explanation of Trump's victory (an explanation, it should be noted, that is faulty in many ways, but has a grain of truth to it) concludes with Schutt's own words. "If President Trump fails, we all fail." That sounds like little more than team-building posters that festoon corporate offices.

If Trump succeeds, our relationships with other countries fail. Those who lose needed services (health insurance, for one) fail. People looking to flee oppressive regimes by seeking safety in our country (ironic, I know) fail. Importantly, the Middle Class, many of whom helped put this man in office, fail. Trump has never been known for having those people's best interests at heart (I lived on the East Coast in the 1980s; we all knew his opinions of these folks), but he talks a good talk and soothes scared people. That's the epitome of lip-service populism. But let's get back to failure.

The Republicans wanted Obama to fail, and were public about that desire. There was no talk that if he failed, we all failed. In fact, his failure was brandied about as necessary. This was most likely because he was black, not a citizen and a socialist, so that's an "acceptable" line of reasoning. Of course, a white billionaire "rebel" cannot be allowed to fail. Perish the thought, and stand by your man.

Hopefully Trump's first nine days opened Schutt's eyes. As a fellow registered Republican (for all the wrong reasons), I can say I am perfectly content with Trump's failure. The direction he is taking us will hurt this country more than ISIS ever could. In fact, it already has. How far will my fellow Republicans allow it to continue, though, before they realize that Trump's failure is an acceptable one? Tick tock. 

Doug Brunell, Eureka

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