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'Self-Destructive Nation'

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NCJ letters reveal a growing awareness of community responsibility addressing national crises. Joyce King implores readers to pay attention to our county supervisor's rezoning 500,000 acres accommodating more development; the reason supervisor's unilaterally deregulated our county's General Plan and Guiding Principals. ("Why Care About Zoning?" March 7).

Most Americans are targets, not beneficiaries, of unbridled development and its recurring housing fraud, collapse and bailouts, leaving behind massive unfunded infrastructure liabilities and millions of families tricked and trapped into the predatory cycle of home foreclosure and resale, (having a corrupt developer as U.S. president is fitting).

Frequent NCJ letters reflect concern over rising numbers of homeless men, women and children, the elderly, disabled and working poor, all severely impacted by systemic housing fraud, (aka, "bubbles"); yet, no elected official is demanding balanced housing inventories for all economic classes of resident, or to count homes and buildings long-abandoned after each crash, (followed by the nation's black mold epidemics). Letters often condemn abusive slumlords, landlords and care-homes that enjoy public subsidies and generous tax write-offs awarded indefinitely for vacant units, (encouraged by the closure of Eureka's IRS office), including the tax deductible lawsuits, damages, injuries and fatalities they cause. Yet, local officials remain too intimidated to enforce accountability from owners of vacant property for the high public costs of blight, vandalism, arson and lost housing opportunities.

Community concern over "bullying" also requires a broader context to address. Whether it's corrupted "representatives" facilitating predatory housing fraud, U.S. violence extracting the world's remaining oil or America's hostile workplaces of fear, favor and disregard for labor laws, childhood bullying is a product of our bully-nation, ("The Bully of Oz," March 7).

Every community's acquiescence to the whims of wealth and power subverting the common good provides the base of support for an increasingly corrupt and self-destructive nation.

George Clark, Eureka


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