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Setting the Record Straight



In last week's Journal, some misinformation was printed in the article headlined, "The Graduates." I really would like to clarify some things about my painting titled, "Red Scare: US Involvement in the Indonesian Genocide of 1965."

I would like to make clear that the two central figures are not children and they are not standing in rags or in trash as described in the past article. These two figures are the remembrance of the people who died in the genocide and they are standing on the expansive Indonesian archipelago. The flower motif in the background is done in wax with the use of a traditional Indonesian batik stamp. The red fan the main figure is holding symbolizes the red scare that swept through Asia as the U.S. sought to stamp out communism by backing and supporting the oppressive, militant leaders.

I encourage readers to watch the films by Joshua Oppenheimer, The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence, that inspired this painting.

I have addressed this issue with the author and I still encourage her to edit the online version as well as to see the Graduate Art Show at HSU in person.

Naomi Rose Doherty, Eureka

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