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Vacation rentals in Trinidad, as in other coastal communities, are part of the response to the decline of traditional economic resources that contribute to the economic validly of the community ("For Rent," Dec. 10). The city of Trinidad is working together as a community to find the right balance between vacation rentals and preserving the neighborhood feeling of living in a small coastal town.

The changing demographics in Trinidad to an older population is not the fault of vacation rentals. An older, more retired community has fewer school-age children, however this has not impacted school enrollment. Limiting vacation rentals in Trinidad will create more empty homes that are used as second homes and homes for retired couples, not younger, long-term families.

The California Coastal Commission was created specifically to protect people's access to the coast, and Trinidad attempting to greatly reduce or ban vacation rentals is in direct conflict to the Coastal Commission's mission. Vacation rentals provide affordable stays for people visiting the area. The average price of $100 per bedroom for vacation rentals in Trinidad offers the affordable vacation stay for people who have worked hard to earn that time with family and friends.

Kathleen Lake stated that she quit the planning commission because I had threatened to sue her if she did not. That is not the case. I stated that she needed to recuse herself from the VDU regulatory debate due to her strong bias and lack of an open mind to a public debate, which she is required to adhere to as a planning commissioner.

Enforcement of nuisance ordinances for loud noise during quiet hours should be enforced on the tenants, whether they are vacationers, owner occupied, or long term tenants — and those responsible must be those committing the offense, not the property managers.

Mike Reinman, Arcata

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