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Shut Down Meat, Not Government



This is in response to the article on the difficulties of being vegan ("Drag Me, Vegans," Jan. 17). JFC, I love your wit, humor and razor sharp analysis of all things and I feel your pain. However, consuming animal products at the level and the way we do is killing us and our planet. It's as simple as that.

Just eat less meat for starters and be discerning from whence it comes. You don't want to support those horrid factory farms. Cutting down slowly has worked for many people and don't even bother with all those non-meat substitutes if you don't like them (most of them are pretty bad, in my experience). There is so much excellent plant food and many ways of cooking it. At this point, it's not a choice, it's an imperative. And for those of you that are diehard meat eaters ... maybe we should cultivate Soylent Green.

In response to the article on how the shutdown has/will affect Humboldtians — as I write this we have a reprieve from this madness for three weeks ("Hundreds of Federal Employees Shut Down in Humboldt," Jan. 10). It is absolutely criminal that federal workers can be held hostage over political or any other issues. It should be illegal to shut down the government and not pay people. If the president and/or Congress tries it again, we citizens should call a one-day national strike to show these government officials who they are really beholden to.

Lynn Kerman, Eureka

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