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'Simple as That'



As a long-time Humboldt resident, I lived in SoHum many, many years ago, owned a café in Briceland and the record store in Garberville itself. I can understand your writer missing the point of the Reggae Wars so completely plus, how the whole place defies description ("Reggae Falling," Oct. 12). SoHum is unheard of in this country and that is what makes it special. Your writer, used to jumping in on controversy, also missed the real point.

SoHum works like this: You own your land. You build your house. You are recognized by how well you do and how you get along with your neighbors. No need for leaders, welfare, institutions, etc. Build a barn and use it for parties and so on. Educate the kids. Keep a very low profile and just plain stay out of sight. If you need help, and your neighbor/friends feel that you are a decent person trying hard to get by, you will get it. If not, hasta la vista. Simple as that.

The same tired old names surface again and again in your article, as they have no quiet life, simply ape the leader roles that straight society offers. Look around. Do you know or agree with any of your comically titled "leaders" or their strange, self-serving ways? Hardly. It's America. The ones you mention ape those social roles. Much how older, real, Humboldt got by before liberals and pot money came in to "improve" everything. Liberalism is a real trap, looking to muck up everything it touches with "help." SoHum was so much more direct and more pure.

Pot ruined Humboldt. Say it clearly. Scum arrived and mucked up everything. Rules were simple back in the day. Grow it and risk losing all you own, so better stay small. No 10,000 mega sites like now, with the sheriff throwing in the towel.

Mateel. A barn you rent for parties. Simple as that. The bureaucracy came later, aping the straight world and nobody needs 'em. Such a novel concept that it seems weird. Straight people have a problem with these roles, and so the tone of your article. 

Joshua Kinch, Freshwater

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