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'So Enthused'



So enthused about your Aug. 18 issue, I had to write a letter after many years: Starting page-by-page with the Letters to the Editor, from Avis, Rogers and Jeff Knapp: Right on you three! Except Bill Morris, who said: "if the petulant children of 'pro-Trump America' hadn't decided to embrace vaccine refusal." Doesn't he look at the stats? It is the young 20-to-30-year-old deniers who choose to deny, and they certainly weren't pro-Trump. The Donald blame-game is soooo old.

On to "CRV Buy-Back Returning to Humboldt," thanks, Hambro! Why can't Jill Duffy buy a truck, if that's the answer?

Wow!! The open letter from our doctors encouraging vaccinations "Please Get Vaccinated." Such an important message from the medical community.

Next: "HSU foresees doubling Enrollment" (NCJ Daily). Can't wait to see how city of Arcata handles this wonderful opportunity. The following cover story about HSU ("'Beacons of Hope'") excels again, lauding Project Rebound.

Continuing success: Jefferson Community Center ("The Jefferson Community Center is Turning Up the Heat").  Thank you, Heidi Benzonelli, and all your lets.buy.jefferson@gmail.com supporters, including my 1992 councilmember son Jeff, who pushed for the EHS sale to them.

And finally, for the well-spoken words ("To Choke") from Rod Kausen, our local youth's sports hero. What a newspaper: Thank you!

Don Leonard, Eureka

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