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Sorry, Greens …


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While it is a sad statement, right now a vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party is a mistake, unless the goal is to give Mr. Romney the election (Mailbox, Oct. 25). I would dearly like to vote closer to my heart and soul ... but this election can't afford it. I hold out hope that someday things will correct (I almost said "right") themselves. I hope elections can't be bought, that more choices of who might represent us are available and that "equality for all" isn't a distant memory. I am very disappointed with Obama; the hopes he raised us to were exciting, but the reality is, he is the only choice in this very serious game of chess. The Romney/Ryan combination is a devastation.

Closer to home, Bonino's slogan is that "he walks the talk": Whose talk is he walking? Linda Atkins has always been upfront, talking for more than the mere few. I trust her intentions and her actions. 

Kathy Travers, Eureka


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