Staff Picks 2015

Strongman Rex - DREW HYLAND
  • Drew Hyland
  • Strongman Rex
Buffest Supervisor

While his signature campaign logo — those orange-emblazoned baseballs — may be round, District 1 Supervisor Rex Bohn has gotten a whole lot more angular, thanks to his new exercise regime. Every morning Bohn can be found sweating “with the kids” at Humboldt Crossfit. As of press time, Bohn was running unopposed for his district seat, possibly because of his fearsome guns.

Most Stylin’ City Council Member

Cowboy boots and a stonewashed denim dress? Just another day for Kim Bergel, whose short blonde bob seems to remain perfectly coiffed in even the most heated Eureka City Council meetings. But wait! Over in Arcata, Mayor Michael Winkler rocks some sweet vintage style. Those contrasting pastel shirts? Those power ties? Smashing. So when is the tie-breaker walk-off?

Best Place to Sneak a Smoke

If you have a temporary (I swear!) tobacco habit that you’d like to remain secret, may I recommend skulking in the parking lot behind the Mad River Rapids RV lot? It’s clean, offers free coffee inside, there’s a handy trash can in which to dispose of your butts (dispose of your butts!) and the chances of being caught in the act by a disapproving friend or family member is small. Or, you know, you could quit smoking. That, too.

Best Way to Quit Smoking

If you’re ready to put down the pack and breathe freely again, the American Cancer Society offers free smoking cessation classes in Eureka on the third Wednesday of the month. Taught by the inimitable, enthusiastic Lou Moerner, the classes have lots of great information, free quit-smoking kits and plenty of chocolate. Call ACS in advance to register: 442-2241.

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