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Steaks and Trails



I agreed with Chris Turner when he wrote about what the elimination of trail-supporting language from the GPU actually does ("Mailbox," Feb. 27). I believe in the potential to draw both locals and out-of-towners to our trails.

However, I do not agree with two of his statements. Shamus T-Bones is doing well because they serve delicious food, and eating there is fun (where else can you see physics at play?), not just because they are located near a trail. And unless you have seen and counted the fence-breakers at Vista Point in McKinleyville, you can't blame out-of-towners for the damage. When was the last time you broke a fence when you were travelling? Never, I'll bet.

Let's agree on the usefulness of the trails. I'll go for a walk and go to Shamus T-Bones, and I promise not to break any fences.

Pat Dillman, Bayside

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