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Listening to the Tom Abate KSLG interview is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  How could Judy Hodgson or any other person listen to this tragedy/comedy unfold and not be mortified?  Further, one of Tom's first articles is concerning "laptop gambling" at Blue Lake Rancheria, the new "Hybrid Casino".  Now all we need are laptop gamblers, anonymous meetings and we're in the 21st Century.  Following the first three estates, the fourth estate continues to sink into Idiocracy,

Rodney Brunlinger, Eureka

As a former resident of Humboldt who still reads the Journal, I was surprised by the tone of your first few editorials, and made curious by the chatter that erupted after your interview on KSLG, so I decided to listen to it.  Now I understand what all the fuss is. You were so overwhelmed with emotion that you were unable to contain your feelings, and you lost control.  I have no idea what Judy Hodgson was thinking, but for her to tolerate this debacle and not fire you, she must be stuck between a rock and a delusion.  Good luck to you, and please, edit the newspaper.

Dave Stills, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Congratulations on your fine local paper. The writing is smart and relevant and "Seven-O-Heaven" is often hilarious. I particularly appreciate "The Hum" as I am trying harder to support local music venues. But with so many great choices, much is missed. How about a weekly performance review? It makes for good reading and stimulates business overall by encouraging folks to get out and hear what they are missing.
Anyhow, thanks for the hard work that goes into creating the Journal.

Hal Larson, Cutten

Your new editor Tom Abate, certainly broke fresh journalistic ground by covering an event that he didn't bother to attend ("Two Guys Each $10 Shy of a Tea Party" Feb. 10, 2011).
Is this the "exciting new direction" we've been hearing about? If so, what other events can the North Coast Journal not attend?

Gordon Inkeles, Bayside


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