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Stop Fighting This Plan!



To the Coastal Commission, Humboldt Baykeeper, Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities, North Coast Environmental Center, and Surfrider Foundation: Stop prolonging the Safety Corridor's overhaul. Start worrying about who will die on this lethal stretch of highway.

I'm a "safety" corridor casualty. Two years ago, a car gunned it to cross the median, broadsided my van, spun it around and totaled it. One second sooner and I wouldn't be here to write this letter. I was "lucky to only" sustain a serious, painful, life-time injury. Over the next two days, my doctor shared how her car was rear-ended on the corridor, and then an acquaintance pointed out his multiple-roll-over after being broadsided on the corridor. Since then, I've met others who've barely survived this insane stretch of highway between Arcata and Eureka. 

It's way past time to get priorities straight. Stop delaying Caltrans' overhaul. 

Diana Lynn, Blue Lake

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