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OK campers, pick a perch and cop a squat. I've got the 411 for you but this is not a recording and I will not be repeating myself. This week's checklist of activities will include: the reunion of a local honky-tonk institution, visitors from Canada and England, booty shaking (no laughing, Johnson, or dammit, I will kick you out of here so fast your parents will call to complain from last week!), West African dance and many, many events adjacent to the ongoing festivities at Camp Humboldt Folklife. I will not tolerate any panty raids or hazing: This is the 21st century and we don't live like assholes anymore. Underwear up the flagpole is still an occasional necessary evil. I want to see your checklists crossed and your merit badges stitched. I want you all to have a good time but not so good a time you end up with a DUI. I want love, valour and compassion to fill the air as it once did when I snuck into the wrong R-rated movie of the same name and left a confused and ultimately unfulfilled teenager those many years ago. My God, Jason Alexander was never meant for a nude scene. But most importantly, I want you to bring home a genuine appreciation of the many fun things this camp has to offer in the dog days of summer. I want you making memories, dammit, because from memories come dreams and through dreams we see ourselves at once as singular humans and as a collective humanity, both bare and costumed in our infinite potential.

OK, have a good week. Dismissed!


Local raconteuse and tavern-scene staple Anna Hamilton plays the Humboldt Cider Co. this evening at 6 p.m. Come join the humorist and songwriter for a rousing set of covers and others (free).


Planet Booty is an electro funk trio from Oakland that draws its influences from the snappy '80s acts that themselves influenced the emerging Chicago house scene of that same decade. Tonight the group plays the Miniplex for what is certain to be a total sweat-fest. Local bass-pumper DJ Anya officiates at 9 p.m. ($10/$5 early bird tickets).

Half an hour later at the Logger Bar, a very different show is going down and it should be one for the ledgers. It's the triumphant return of local country heroes Rooster McClintock after a half-decade's absence from the scene. It's a free show but the physical cost of hootin', hollerin' and general carrying on is up to you.


The Pine Hill Haints are a band living out of time. Like the ghosts of vinyl jukebox tunes from a long burned down roadhouse that magically appears on moonless nights, the group's discography is full of bygone sounds from a long-gone America of myth. It's also a damn good time. You can find out for yourself tonight at the Logger Bar, where the group will be joined by limey folkster Serious Sam Barrett from Old Blighty, as well as sometimes local songwriter and band leader Gabe Rozzell at 9 p.m. (no cover).


It's the first weekend of the Humboldt Folklife Festival and all the goods are coming to Perigot Park in Blue Lake to celebrate the erstwhile lumber trains with Annie and Mary Day. In addition to vendors and family fun, there will be live music all day, featuring the sounds of Tyger Byle, That Buckin' String Band, Bayou Swamis and Dead On. It's an all-day affair but the music kicks off at 11 a.m. with The Tidepool High Divers (free).


Canada is invading the Outer Space this evening. Mauno is an indie pop duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Tonight at 7 p.m. the twosome will be joined by fellow citizens from the opposite shores of Vancouver, British Columbia, and Sub Pop Records act jo passed. Local acoustic punk act and punctuation enthusiast Daniel. provides. regional. flavor. The cover is a sliding scale of $6-$20.


Ousmane Sall is a Senegalese ballet dancer who specializes in native dances from his homeland. Over the last 25 years, he has lived in New York City and taught dance clinics around the country. This afternoon at 5:30 p.m. he will be teaching a class about West African dance for aspiring dancers of all skill levels at Redwood Raks Dance Studio (sliding scale $15-$20). This should be a crucial lesson in rhythm as well as great fun for the whole family.


The Humboldt Folklife Festival rolls on tonight at the Dell'Arte Amphitheatre at 6 p.m. ($15, $12 Humboldt Folklife Society members, $5 kids). This evening is the Under The Stars night, featuring performances from three of our country's best roots bands: The Handshakers, Cadillac Ranch and Huckleberry Flint.

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