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Superior Court Judge



As a civil litigator in Humboldt County for the past 24 years, I have come to know our local judges and what it takes to be a good judge. Steven Steward will be an excellent judge. I have had the unique experience of being neighbors and friends with Steve and his family for several years.

Steve is a dedicated family man with a commitment to our community and the ethical practice of law. He is tough and disciplined, but also approachable. He is experienced and decisive. His integrity and character are beyond reproach. He is universally respected by those who know him personally and work with him professionally. These are the qualities a judge must have to manage a courtroom efficiently and fairly. These are the qualities Steve will bring to our judiciary if he is elected on June 7.

I endorse and support Steven Steward for Judge of the Humboldt County Superior Court.

Nick Kloeppel, Arcata


Humboldt County Superior Court judge is a difficult and taxing job. I believe Steven Steward is the right candidate for the position.

I have known Mr. Steward for as long as I have been a Humboldt County resident, 24 years, and I firmly believe he is the hard working, thoughtful and compassionate person we need on the bench. In my discussions with Mr. Steward, I have concluded that he wants to become a judge to help make Humboldt County a better and safer place for his family and yours. His experience defending persons as a criminal defense attorney and as a prosecutor in the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office have given him the experience we need for the position of Humboldt County judge.

Mr. Steward's diverse group of supporters is proof that this community wants someone they feel will represent all of us on the bench. Please join me on June 7 and vote for Steven Steward for Humboldt County Superior Court judge. Thank you.

Sheldon Heath, Arcata

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