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Supporting Susan



I am new to Eureka. I moved here about one year ago to be near family. Thus, I had no expectations of Eureka but I have learned to appreciate all that this city has to offer.

I met Susan Seaman through the Adventure Club, which she founded and maintains. It is an amazing concept that has introduced me to people and places of Eureka. It is through Susan's ingenuity that the Adventure Cub works. This is the type of commitment that will help take Eureka's next steps.

Susan's viewpoint is that Eureka is, and always has been, a great place to live. Keeping that in mind, let's make it even better through planning and thoughtful development for housing and industry.

I'm proud to be a member of the team that supports Susan for mayor.

Sally Littleton, Eureka


Continuing over the next few weeks, we will have the opportunity to observe and evaluate the candidates for Eureka's mayoral race.

Whether you live within Eureka's city limits or not, this race will certainly impact the county as a whole. Eureka has been undergoing a transformation, with the revitalization of the Art and Culture Commission and the many concerted efforts to bolster Eureka's economy. As such, I feel that it is in Eureka's best interest to elect Susan Seaman as its next mayor.

Not only will Susan be able to build upon previous successes, she also brings many years of working in regional economic development to the table and will advocate for Eureka's growth and progress. I have no doubt that Susan will provide a balance of pragmatism and enthusiasm in her leadership — her track record proves this. Through her volunteer engagements and work at AEDC, Susan has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Eureka community.

With enthusiasm, I support Susan Seaman for mayor of Eureka. 

Brenna O'Sullivan-Fulks, Eureka

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