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Talk and Listen That Stress Away



I greatly appreciated Jennifer Savage's well-conceived Count-Your-Blessings piece ("Five Things to Know Before You Despair of Goodness in the World," April 25), which inspired this:  One great source of stress shared by many is the fear and consequential anger experienced during the act of driving. The loss of life, limb and treasure which may follow aggressive, careless and mentally impaired behaviors needs no more proof than that, which the daily papers provide.

From my perspective as a traffic violator school instructor I often hear the stories about the "other" driver which caused the response, which predicated the traffic enforcement stop and/or the crash.  It is too likely one will get into a jackpot when their driving becomes a semi-conscious act fraught with distraction or a game of out-doing other drivers to settle some score.

I believe the roots of these phenomena lay at the core of our psyche. Change comes with enhanced self-esteem and self-respect, which can result from the regular exercise of safe driving practices.

I invite anyone who would like to discuss this matter to call or write at 725-3549 or Ted.Ostrow@gmail.com.

Ted Ostrow, Fortuna


CCR! (No, not Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions). For 40-several years, I have relied on Creedence Clearwater Revival to energize and lift spirits. One of the few times when I excuse excessive volume.

Chip Sharpe, Bayside

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