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Tango and Experimental Jet Set


Tara Velarde Trio plays Phatsy Kline's Lounge at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 27. - PHOTO BY STACIE STRUBLE, COURTESY OF THE ARTIST
  • Photo by Stacie Struble, courtesy of the artist
  • Tara Velarde Trio plays Phatsy Kline's Lounge at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 27.

In spite of the notorious Humboldt summer entertainment slump, this week actually has some pretty nice offerings. There are many shows happening that are unusual enough to merit attention: Soundscapes and dance parties await your participation like mysterious invitations slipped under the door. There's all kinds of good energy in the air. And if nothing in my list of suggestions connects with you, you can still get your wings at the Fairy Festival on the Arcata Plaza at noon on Sunday. Or take a nice long walk somewhere pretty. Last I checked, that's still quite legal.



The Tara Velarde Trio is fronted by the titular singer/songwriter whose soulful, big vocals are a centerpiece for the folky blues and rock band. The trio is appearing tonight at Phatsy Kline's at 8:30 p.m. ($5-$10 suggested donation). Finishing the night out is a solo set by the talented Mr. Chris Parreira from local modern folk trio No Pardon.


I'm a big fan of Argentinian tango music, particularly the music of the late composer Astor Piazzolla. I also love libraries, much like another Argentinian and personal hero of mine, the author Jorge Luis Borges. And although our local libraries don't much resemble the infinite labyrinthine majesty of Borges' Library of Babel, they are still pretty swell and deserve our support. So when I heard that there is an opportunity tonight to lend some aid to the Friends of the Arcata Library while listening to tango-influenced music, I could not wait to share it with you, Dear Reader. Folias Duo is a husband and wife act from Michigan comprised of Carmen Maret on the flute and guitarist Andrew Bergeron. Tonight at 7 p.m. they perform a collection of original compositions influenced by the folk music of Argentina and the songbook of Mr. Piazzolla in the main room of the Arcata Library. There will be a book sale and a selection of refreshments in the library's conference room prior to the performance at 6 p.m. A suggested donation of $10 seems quite reasonable, especially considering I scored a bunch of great books at the last library sale there for far less than that.


It's time for another iteration of Soul Party, the beloved all-vinyl dance party at Humbrews tonight at 9 p.m. ($5). Join DJs Red, jaymorg, and Funky T-Rex for an evening of classic soul music firing out of the PA in analog glory. Tonight's theme is Pacific Vibes Beach Party, so attendees are encouraged to wear whatever you'd don whilst beachside. If I end up going, I will likely express my personal disinclination toward dancing by wearing the Pacific Ocean beach garb of a rain-slickered Aleutian Islands fisherman, so if you happen to see a bearded chap covered in neoprene and rubber, soaked in seawater, please say "hi."


Portland, Oregon-based sound artist and percussionist Colin Blanton works out his unique electronic compositions through his solo project Brin. He'll be hitting the stage tonight at 7 p.m. at the Outer Space for an evening of manipulated samples and rhythmic noise. Also on the bill is Wizard Apprentice, a multimedia artist from Oakland with a lovely voice who produces beautiful digital music and accompanying visions (price TBA).


Although I am no longer a bartender, I will always appreciate a good service industry night. So tonight I'm repping the S.I.N. show going down at the Vista Del Mar at 9 p.m., featuring none other than Humboldt's premier hard-working covers band The Undercovers. I don't know this for certain but, working from personal history, I don't believe that there's a cover charge for the Vista tonight.


Mad Labs at Dell'Arte's Carlo Theatre is a chance for the public to appreciate works in progress by students, faculty, and alumni of the school. Tonight's offerings are Life Under the Stars, an interactive masked and musical storytelling affair performed by James Peck and Sarah Peters and the dance work Imprints, which focuses on the horror of violence against women and is performed by Tiffany Van Camp, Cleo Deorio and Olivia Schlanger. The show starts at 8 p.m. and the tickets will run you between $5-$15.


Experimental harpist Sage Fisher is the mind behind Dolphin Midwives, an electronic chromatic fantasy that drops plucked notes into loops and echoes where they splinter and purr among the waves of infinity. It's a very nice thing to hear. These cetacean doulas will be at the Miniplex tonight at 9 p.m., where there will also be room on the bill for Kranky Records artist Saloli and Max Brotman's Complex Crown. There will be no door price for tonight's show but a hat will be passed for the touring acts.

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