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Thanks, but Dig Deeper



I think the Journal is a most valuable media source for "politics, people and arts."

The recent article "Settled out of Court" (Feb. 26) was most informative and, having once filed a civil rights lawsuit myself, I am well aware that the largest cost to defendants in the wrong, who won't settle out of court and force the plaintiffs to trial as was the case in this story, is the attorneys' fees.

A compelling argument for further examination in both the '64 Flood ("When the Waters Rose," Dec. 4) and the Korbel Mill ("Goodnight, Korbel," Feb. 5) articles was made in the recent in-depth analysis and critique offered by "Fritz Wunderplot" at www.stingingmettle.wordpress.com, along with some revealing photos! Much of that material could/should have been in the Journal's articles.

It is not my intention to beat up on the Journal or other local media, but legitimate issues are raised in his critique. I only wish Fritz had bothered to submit his observations on Green Diamond, as well as an in-depth article on the true causes of the damage of the '64 flood, for publication in the Journal itself instead of or at least before posting them online. I'm not sure he fully appreciates that the Journal and its colleagues in the news media are habitually understaffed with ever shrinking budgets; or realizes just how receptive the local press is to guest editorials and/or submissions from freelancers.

Both parties missed opportunities here to better inform the public.

Richard Salzman, Sunny Brae

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