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That Dam Breitbart Letter



"That Dam Breitbart Story" (March 2) was a cogent rebuttal to the assertions made by Chriss W. Street in his Feb. 15 Breitbart News article, which implies that the Klamath dams were built for flood control and claims they will be removed because of Gov. Jerry Brown's administration and environmental lawsuits.

Apparently, Erin Cearley missed the whole premise of the Breitbart piece (Mailbox, March 9). She thinks the essential fact is the exact time that peak flows occurred. Whether the flows peaked at the Klamath River gauge location on Feb. 9 or at 5 a.m. on Feb. 10 is irrelevant and not the point of the article.

Instead of focusing on the main issues, she gets distracted by an insignificant detail. This demonstrates her lack of critical thinking skills, an unfortunate trend that has been growing in this country.

If she wants to be taken seriously, Erin should reread both articles, do some research, think, and then try to defend the assertions made by Breitbart, which she obviously believes are factual. I suggest starting with a phone call to Pacificorp to discuss the flood control capacity of the Klamath dams and the reasons the company wants to divest itself of these dams. Then do an internet search for "Klamath Dam Removal" and read the relevant information. Don't be afraid to think, Erin. Reality will not hurt you.

Diane Higgins, McKinleyville

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