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That Rooster Never Bothered Me



After reading your article on "Something to Crow About" (Dec. 21, 2017), I felt the need to comment. I have lived in this unincorporated area of Humboldt County for over 30 years. Art Rush, the gentleman you interviewed for your article, has been a neighbor of mine for many of those years. 

Our neighborhood has bears, deer and raccoons, and many other families here have chickens and roosters. The only time I hear the roosters crowing is when I am outside in my yard. Giant Foghorn Leghorn's voice is deep and soft, not as loud as the other roosters around here with their higher pitched, louder voices.

I find it interesting that no one in this entire neighborhood has ever complained about the rooster's crowing. I did sign Art's petition stating that his rooster does not bother me. When looking at his petition, I noticed that not one person said they were bothered by his rooster. None of the roosters around here bother me.

What does bother me is someone moving into the neighborhood and then starting to complain about something that has never been a problem for years. Perhaps moving into the city of Eureka might better suit that person.

C. Jackson, Eureka

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