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The Aging Entomologist



Dedicated to my friend Tony Humbugs Westkamper and his lovely wife Hadassah

The aging entomologist won his fair lady
            not with blandishments of  youth –
                                                bumpers of beer,
                                                            dark-side adventures ,
                                                                        or concerted rock,

but strolling in fog-shrouded woods,
            under firs,
                        slow musing in dripping shadows
                                    near the slipping down of purling waters,

wooed her with words,
            lyrical  on
                                                damselflies and dragonflies.

Ladies of lesser degree
            would not succumb to sweetened tongue,
                        his kind eyes shining with lust
                                    for fairy dust
                                                on butterfly wings,
                                                                        beetle battles,

In these years love flows slower,
                        deliciousness is different than before.

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