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The Art of the Question



Regarding the guardians of "fake news" ("The Real Fight Against Fake News," Oct. 4), reporters come off remarkably un-savvy when they hit Mr. Trump with questions like these: "Mr. President, how do you see yourself as a moral leader?"

They are ineffectual, these reporters, if "gotcha" is their game, which it is. So rather than undermining both their credibility with half the public (Trump's share) and their effectiveness generally in exposing our naked emperor, how bout this: "Mr. President, how would you describe your understanding of the term 'nationalist,' specifically your understanding of the history of the term's usage and meaning in our society?" Easy peasy.

You will have invited the emperor to wax on and, I guarantee, in so doing to fill the air with the smell of caca so odiferous even Fox and Friends will wince. In bed that night, he will look down at his exposed foot, the gaping hole ringed by point blank powder burn, and wonder to Melania, "How did that get there?"

Joel Geck-Moeller, Loleta

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