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The Cold Rain and Snow



In ancient Greece, the Corybants were the dancing priest celebrants of the cult of the northern goddess Cybele. They were characterized by an armed and seemingly unchoreographed dance of wild flailing dedicated to their Phrygian patron. Eventually, the word corybantic came to mean inconsistent and wildly unpredictable behavior. As I write this, I can say that we on the North Coast started our week with a corybantic mix of clustered earthquakes and a rain/sleet/hail/snow rush of wild weather. And now we are in the reckoning stage of all that mess. A challenge has been issued: Will you be made meek by the madness and choose to stay indoors? Or will you rise to the occasion and walk with godlike grace through a week of great opportunity?

Only you can say.


It's the day between Hump Day and the end of the working week so here are two jam adjacent shows to help carry you home to the weekend. ALO — also known as Animal Liberation Orchestra in longform — is a quartet of groovy, noodling, tour-meisters who are signed to Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records. If nothing in that previous sentence causes a violent allergic reaction, you should come over to Humbrews tonight at 8 p.m. to get down. Jam-grass act Horseshoes & Handgrenades opens ($20).

If you are averse to the previous show but still want to hear some loopy and fun music, I suggest you come over to the Redwood Curtain Brewery at the same hour for a free set by Tom Boylan, aka Holus Bolus. He's a one-man band who has made a name for himself playing the bars and clubs of the West Coast with his unique spacey tunes.


Austin, Texas-based act Grivo is playing at the Miniplex tonight at 9 p.m. ($7). The Holodeck Records-signed trio has a loud and slow sound that's reminiscent of Cocteau Twins instrumentally and a McGruff the Crime Dog vocally. They are good and worth your attention. Patch cable extraordinaire Ensemble Economique provides local support with reverb and drum machine knights CV who are coming in hot off of the best live set I've seen them play.


The Mr. Humboldt Pageant is very likely sold out tonight so I am going to assume that I am writing for the hoi polloi on the other side of the velvet rope at the Arcata Theatre Lounge. For starters, did you know that Cypress Hill is in town? Well, they are and will be playing the Pavilion at the Blue Lake Casino tonight at 7 p.m. as an ancillary part of the ongoing Inked Hearts Tattoo Expo on the main grounds. Get in the door with $50 for a refresher course on the miles of rad songs Sen Dog and company racked up beyond "Insane in the Brain."

Radio Clash returns to The Alibi tonight for a dance party curated to entertain fans of OG new wave, ska, punk and post-punk. Come join DJs Blancatron, Hardon Collider and Vulvadon at 11 p.m. to bop till you drop. It's $2 — just pocket change to get in.


Willy Tea Taylor is a singer/songwriter and raconteur who hails from a cattle family in the San Joaquin Valley. He plays a type of well-crafted folk that is personal and witty while punching in unexpected places lyrically. He plays The Arcata Playhouse tonight at 8 p.m. with support from Sam Chase, who is a good match for the sort of sublimely human songwriting that Mr. Taylor shops in ($15).


Brothers David and Rene Pacheco cut their teeth in the psych band Thee Commons, which was a vehicle to showcase the multitude of sounds they were inspired by growing up in East L.A. Now the boys have expanded their sound from the cumbia acid rock of yesteryear to a full-blown carnival soundtrack waltz of glory under the new avatar of Tropica Magica. Come hear this lovely group at the Miniplex tonight at 8:30 p.m. with dream pop act The Apollo Era and up-swelling surf band Sue & the Namies ($10).


It's Abraham Lincoln's birthday. A lot of weight comes with the hagiography of any historical figure who belongs to the ages. Many of them are not angels. Who is? If you aren't reading Gore Vidal's excellent book about the 210-year-old president, I suggest you take the day off with live music because nothing's doing on this quiet Tuesday, anyway, and make your way down to the Logger Bar at high noon to participate in a nonviolent and nonpartisan shoot-out: It's Ping-Pong Day. Grab a paddle and line-up. And may the better angels of our nature swell over the chorus of camaraderie and make this competition fun and wholesome.


The Scott Pemberton Band is a Portland, Oregon, trio fronted by a man who effortlessly mixes genres from funk to jazz to grunge while playing ace licks on a guitar with no strap. At first blush, this seems insane but it allows Scott to play the instrument holistically and as a much more versatile machine. His signature Pacific Northwest sound is quite engaging and his group is well received on the festival circuit as a result. Come to Humbrews tonight at 9:30 p.m. to see why ($15).

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Rain, sleet, snow, central heating. These are a few of Collin Yeo’s favorite things. He lives in Arcata.

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