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'The Elephant in the Room'



I walked into the KHSU Community Advisory Board meeting last night and was told that the man with his back toward the community was (Humboldt State University Vice President for Advancement) Craig Wruck. He remained with his back to us, speaking to the CAB members until one of the community mentioned that they are hearing impaired and could not hear him. 

Mr. Wruck gave out an outline of memo containing future plans for KHSU. The draft of the plan was simply what was already in place at the station. There was also a timeline for action, which included the month of July. It is now July 26. Mr. Wruck also appeared to be unaware that the audience represents the community, which also includes faculty and staff of HSU. As a professional who has served on his faculty, I have heard how this institution continues to advance the numbers of administrators and cut programs. I have heard the faculty, tenured and otherwise, talk of the increases in unnecessary administrative jobs while art studios, children's centers, nursing programs, German studies have been decreased.

This was not mentioned at the meeting. It is the elephant in the room. Is KHSU next? When asked his favorite programs, Wruck said NPR and Democracy Now! Shades of Pacifica!

Hopefully, I am mistaken, but the bell tolls.

Ginni Hassrick, Eureka


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