The Faces of Humboldt 

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OF 25
By Sabra Kelly
Tommy Stover at Stover Ranch.
By Agnes Patak
Berel Alexander plays at Benbow State Park.
By Agnes Patak
BaBy Fagan rocks out at Benbow State Park.
By Ann Youmans
Ramah Capati takes on Oyster Fest.
By Cheri Esparza
Jasper Ausema at Little River Beach.
By Cheri Esparza
Lauren Esparza grins.
By Peter Fennell
Kylee Fennell geared up at Hiller Park, McKinleyville.
By Dawn Watkins
Shawn Stoops and company enjoy the Crabs.
By Gail Slaughter
Pamela Hinrichs visits her miniature horses in McKinleyville.
By Janine Volkmar
Sisters Erica Ervin and Greta Daniels at the Trinidad Pier.
By Jennifer Aggeler
Rick Aggeler holds Marv.
By Katie Elder
Brayden Watrous hams it up.
By Katie Elder
Brayden Watrous.
By Kim Coelho
Karsen Coelho preps for a ballet recital.
By Monica Topping
Rob Ash paints.
By Monica Topping
Aimee Taylor plays the Palm Lounge.
By Ruth Magee
Zara, half border collie, half lab poses.
By Sabra Kelly
Lyndsey Maccareal.
By Sargon Bacchus
Moses Norton performs a thesis project at Dell'Arte.
By Serena Wells
Chiara Chavez laughs.
By Serena Wells
Deja Lugo plays in the water in the Garberville town square.
By Serena Wells
Fred Buaer of Shelter Cove enjoys downtown Garberville sun.
By Simone Watts
Tasman O'Hay displays Legos.
By Simone Watts
Matt and Harvey Beard south of Houda Point.
By Simone Watts
Tasman O'Hay, Bruin Nave and Meta Bee Nave enjoy PBJs.
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By Sabra Kelly
Tommy Stover at Stover Ranch.

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