The King's Choice (Kongens nei)

Rated NR 133 min. 2017

Based on true extraordinary events, King's Choice revives a terrifying yet pivotal time in Norwegian history. The film spans across three days in April 1940 during WWII where Nazi Germany demanded the neutral country of Norway to surrender for its own "protection." With a strategic goal to secure the coastline and harvest a supply of iron ore for the war effort, Nazi Germany sends envoy Kurt Brauer (Karl Markovics) to negotiate with Norway's reigning monarch, King Haakon VII (Jesper Christensen), who struggles with making the right choice: If he delays in surrendering and decides to continue pushing back against German forces, many innocent lives will be lost in the crossfire; but in handing over Norway, he will lose his country to Nazi influence and lose the respect of his people and be deemed a traitor. With a backdrop of German ships and planes, the king consults his government and issues an ultimatum: abdication of the throne. Coming to an agreement, the Norwegian government relays their refusal to surrender, triggering Nazi Germany to carry out an airstrike in attempt to assassinate the king. King's Choice is a remarkable story of rebellion and backroom bureaucracy during a time of international chaos.

Film Credits

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Director: Erik Poppe

Writer: Harald Rosenløw Eeg and Jan Trygve Røyneland

Producer: Finn Gjerdrum and Stein B. Kvae

Cast: Jesper Christensen, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Tuva Novotny, Sofie Falkgård, Ingrid Ross Raftemo, Magnus Ketilsson Dobbe, Lage Kongsrud and Karl Markovics

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